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Zuerst wird der Röhrenstrom auf der Grundlage eines Topogramms variiert, indem der tatsächliche Patient mit dem „Standardmodell“ verglichen wird. *For Siemens scan protocols of SW version syngo CT 2007E, the settings of CARE Dose 4D are already pre- defined but may be changed to meet the customer’s Page 55 Dose Information Outside the topogram range, CARE Dose 4D will con- tinue the scan with the last available topogram infor- mation. Without a topogram, CARE Dose 4D cannot be switched on. X-CARE. X-CARE. X-CARE. X-CARE allows to reduce direct X-ray exposure for the most dose-sensitive body regions, e.g.

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Siemens CT-stipendium går till Jakob De Geer, Linköping. Siemens Care Dose 4D. Marcus Söderberg. 08.30. Total marrow irradiation using helical tomotherapy Per. Engström.

Today, computed tomography (CT) systems routinely use automatic exposure control (AEC), which modulates the tube current. However, for optimal use, there are several aspects of an AEC system that need to be considered. The purpose of this study was to provide an overview of the Siemens CARE Dose 4D … OVERVIEW, PRACTICALTIPS AND POTENTIAL PITFALLS OF USING AUTOMATIC EXPOSURE CONTROL IN CT: SIEMENS CARE DOSE 4D Marcus So¨derberg* Medical Radiation Physics Malmo¨, Department of Translational THE EFFECT OF DIFFERENTADAPTION STRENGTHS ON IMAGE QUALITY AND RADIATION DOSE USING SIEMENS CARE DOSE 4D. / Söderberg, Marcus; Gunnarsson, Mikael. 2009.
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IFA 2019 – Siemens: 2:a generationens fläkthällar. CARE Dose 4D is Siemens' technology for automated exposure control. It optimizes dose and helps deliver the desired diagnostic image quality across a broad spectrum of patient sizes, ages, exam types and clinical indications. The right dose is the reasonable balance between applied radiation, image quality and patient care. In order to help customers achieve this balance, Siemens Healthineers has introduced CARE Right.

Siemens CARE_DOSE_CONFIG CARE Dose Configurator $0.00 0.00% $0.00 Siemens CARE_PROFLE CARE Profile $0.00 0.00% $0.00 Siemens DICOM_SR DICOM SR Dose Reports $0.00 0.00% $0.00 CARE Dose 4D, Siemens' real-time dose modulation, assists in guaranteeing an unparalleled combination of maximum image quality at minimum dose for every patient in every spiral scan. Participants will learn about many of the innovative solutions that Siemens offers to help optimize dose, including CARE Dose 4D, CARE kV, CARE Child, Adaptive Dose Shield, X-CARE, and Iterative Reconstruction techniques. CARE Dose 4D (Siemens) makes use of the .
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cm/s), CARE kV for routine low kV imaging, large 78 cm bore, 100 kW generator, table capacity up to 676 lbs, TwinBeam Dual Energy for dose optimized dual. 10 Apr 2018 Siemens Healthineers utilize LSO scintillators in all of their PET Reduce Exposure (CARE) feature includes CARE Dose and CARE KV which  Siemens CARE dose reduction is also featured on the Sensation 64. Features.

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Important considerations in the Clinical Use of CARE Dose4D CARE Dose4D terminology Topogram: The name used on Siemens’ CT equipment for the scanned projection radiograph. This low dose, projection image is used to localize the start and end locations of a scan. In CARE Dose4D, the topogram is An acquisition pedal of the footswitch can be configured as a low-dose acquisition alternative to the ECC/TSC. A dose saving of 67% can be achieved by using an acquisition dose of 80 nGy/f instead of 240 nGy/f for interventional cardiology and an acquisition dose of 0.8 μGy/f instead of 2.4 μGy/f for interventional radiology. The CARE Dose 4D lowers the tube current for slim patients or slim body parts of a patient and raises the tube current for obese patients or dense body parts of a patient.

With the AEC off, the SD increases along the phantom length as before. With the AEC on, there is less variation of the SD along the phantom length as the adaptation is increased from ‘weak’, through ‘average’ and to ‘strong’ A Siemens SOMATOM Force CT scanner performing a routine cranial scan protocol was used in concert with two Atom Dosimetry Phantoms (1-year-old and 5-year-old) and MOSFET dosimeters to determine the effect changing the reference tube potential of the Care kV software would have on dose and image quality (measured with CNR).